Phone Validation API

Using phone validation services is an effective way to ensure that your marketing messages are reaching the right people. It saves you time and money and can prevent you from sending messages to the wrong contacts.

Phone Validator – Verify Phone Numbers for Free

You can validate your customer’s phone numbers at the time they sign up for your products or services or at any time your business changes their information. It can also help thwart fraudulent activity.

Invalid phone numbers can hurt your business’s reputation and lead to poor sales follow-up. It can also cut short targeted marketing campaigns. The cost of messaging on many incorrect numbers can add up to a significant amount of money. If you find an invalid number, you should remove it from your database as quickly as possible.

You can use the RealPhoneValidation API to verify a phone number. This can be integrated into most apps, dialers, and CRM systems. It does not require credit card information. The API provides flexible API requests that provide data in JSON, XML, or a combination of formats.

Phone validation can be used to identify spammers, bots, and other fake users. It can also help you identify which type of network carrier the number is connected to. It can be particularly useful when sending SMS messages.

The Global API includes carrier, operator, country of origin, and other data points. It can be integrated into your website, CRM system, call center, or any online form.

The results will indicate whether the number is valid, inactive, or unanswered. The results will also indicate whether the number is in a specific country, region, or type of business.