The Vintage Defender 90 – Built For Off-Roading But Comfortable on the Road

vintage defender 90

The vintage defender 90 is a 4×4 that’s built for off-roading but has enough amenities to be comfortable on the road. With permanent 4WD, a full-synchromesh five-speed manual, locking center differential, servo-assist front disc brakes and power steering, Autoweek says, it’s an excellent choice for the rugged outdoors.

Several special edition models have been built to celebrate specific events or markets, like the “Sahara” Defender in 1993 or 55th anniversary Defenders sold in France. Some of these models have been produced in limited numbers by individual Land Rover dealers.

One such model is a custom-built Heritage Edition Defender 90 by the crew at ECD, which gets a rebuilt Rover V8 engine and 5-speed manual transmission to keep that classic charm. Inside, it sports a MOMO Indy steering wheel, upgraded sound system and LED lighting throughout to ramp up the luxury.

Vintage Defender 90: The Iconic Off-Road Machine You Need to Own

Other options include an electric winch, Pathfinder all-terrain tires, suspension lift, headlight and taillight grilles, snorkel, mudflaps and more to help haul whatever you need. The interior features Saddle Leather with Barbour Tartan inserts and door pockets, while the roof rack above gets a Front Runner ladder and spotlights to help with your hauling needs.

Despite a recent announcement that it would no longer be manufactured, the vintage defender 90 is still popular among those who appreciate its off-road ability. Its dependable and durable powertrain means you can take it anywhere. Fortunately, some devoted Defender tuners like Arkonik, East Coast Defender and Khan Automobiles continue to keep these older Landys on the road with stellar customizations.