What Does an SEO Optimization Company Do?

Search engines are the best way for customers to find your business. But it’s not just about getting found, it’s about ranking highly and showing up in the right search results for what your customers want. That’s where SEO comes in. It’s the process of optimizing your website and content to be relevant for specific searches.

Why is SEO a monthly fee?

It is critical to understand that not every SEO company is created equal. Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can call themselves an SEO agency these days, but that doesn’t mean they have the expertise or processes to deliver on their promises.

A good seo optimization company will ask you to provide access to your digital assets. Depending on the scope of work, this could include your website or blog passwords, analytics tools login credentials and in-house SEO team members (if any). Be sure to read an agency’s contract thoroughly, and share it with all relevant parties to avoid signing anything that would hinder your business.

The next step is to analyze your website’s current search rankings, and create a list of keywords that you want your site to rank for. Your SEO specialist will take your wishlist and perform further research to build a list that makes sense for your business, competitive landscape, and search engine algorithms. From there, they’ll start building your backlinks – the single most important factor of SEO. It is also common for an SEO company to set up your analytics and track performance week-to-week.