What to Look for in a Backpack

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What to Look for in a Backpack

Before you purchase any backpack, make sure it’s correctly sized for your torso length (not your overall height) and hip circumference. This will allow it to fit comfortably without sagging or causing discomfort.

Your pack should be made of durable materials. While denim is a trending choice, it’s not waterproof and can’t hold a heavy load, so avoid it when you need a tough backpack.

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A backpack should also be lightweight and easy to carry. A heavy backpack can be hard on your shoulders and back, so it’s best to find one that has load-lifters (adjustable shoulder straps) or a hip belt.

Hunting packs are designed to haul big loads, so it’s important that they can withstand the weight of a big elk quarter and some gear. Internal-frame backpacks, which have the structure hidden inside the back panel, are a good choice for hunters.

The shoulder straps of a hiking-style pack should curve up and around your shoulders. This style makes the backpack more comfortable and helps you feel like it’s a second skin.

A hunting backpack should also be able to hold the heavy weight of a rifle and ammunition. Fortunately, most modern backpacks have advanced shoulder harness systems that are designed to help you comfortably load up with all of your gear and still keep the gun secure.