What Can I Do With My Unused Oxygen Concentrator?

What can I do with unused oxygen concentrator

What can I do with my unused oxygen concentrator?

Many patients have a hard time figuring out what to do with their old oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen tanks when they no longer need them. These cylinders, which are typically made of aluminum and can be very heavy for their size, need to be properly disposed of because they contain compressed oxygen.

Most local recycling centers will recycle empty oxygen cylinders. Make sure you drain them of all oxygen by opening the valve on the tank and removing the regulator from the top of the cylinder. Then, contact your recycling center to see if they accept the cylinders. They may offer you a monetary compensation for the used oxygen tank, but it’s best to check first because not all recycling centers will take them. Learn more What can I do with unused oxygen concentrator? –

If you no longer need an oxygen cylinder, consider donating it to a hospital or fire department for safe disposal. This is a great way to help a community member in need of medical equipment while also protecting the environment.

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Another option is to contact the retailer or manufacturer of your concentrator and ask if they refurbish used ones for use by other customers. This is often much cheaper than purchasing a new one. Just be aware that buying a used concentrator from an unauthorized seller will void any warranty coverage. You should only purchase a pre-owned unit from an authorized retailer or the manufacturer.