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Buy craft weed canada

Similar to the craft beer industry, small-batch cannabis is a premium product created with care, precision and attention to detail that’s impossible for larger-scale producers to replicate. These products are hand-made and have a higher level of interaction between the consumer and business, which leads to greater satisfaction for everyone involved.

Many of these artisanal buy craft weed canada | tale of two strains are sold exclusively through medical online dispensaries. While the provincial online retail stores such as the SQDC are more efficient and less expensive than they were at their inception, they do not carry a large number of the top value craft brands, especially for Quebec consumers. Instead, the best place to buy craft weed canada is through online medical dispensaries such as Budder-Weedz. With ounces of single A flower selling for as low as $69, Budder-Weedz makes even premium strains more affordable than the legacy market.

Craft Cannabis in Canada: Where to Find and Buy High-Quality, Artisanal Weed

In addition to offering the best craft weed in Canada, Budder-Weedz also provides high-quality cannabis concentrates and edibles. Their portfolio of products is vast and includes many popular strains such as Alien Cookies, Jack the Ripper and Durga Mata. The quality of their extracts and edibles is unmatched by any other company in the Canadian legal cannabis industry.

Buy weed online through Budder-Weedz to experience the difference in quality for yourself. Their selection of bulk cannabis is unmatched and features hard-to-beat pricing on QP and 1 pound quantities of premium BC bud. We encourage you to browse our selection and try a sample pack of one of their amazing strains today!