Sansevieria Cylindrica Varieties

Sansevieria cylindrica varieties are popular among home gardeners because they’re a pretty hard-to-kill plant and they’re easy to take care of. These plants, also known as snake plants or mother-in-law tongues, have a really unique look and they can help purify the air in your house.

Do snake plants like small pots?

These plants are able to grow in almost any environment with light and warmth. However, they are a bit sensitive to low temperatures and humidity, so it’s important to keep them away from drafts and air vents. In general, you should water them about once every other week during the growing season.

If you notice your sansevieria cylindrica plants getting leggy, it’s probably because they’ve been in the same container for too long and need to be repotted. You should also change the potting mixture to one that’s looser and richer with nutrients. Adding a slow-release fertilizer is a good idea.

Alternatively, curling leaves may be a sign of an overly dry soil or too much heat. So, if you need to move your sansevieria cylindrica, make sure you use a larger container and give it time to settle in.

Many people braid their sansevieria cylindrica for aesthetic purposes. But, you should know that braiding your snake plant does not do any harm to the plant. In fact, it can actually make the plant healthier. The only issue is that new growth might not grow as sexy as your braided snake plant. However, if you want to unbraid your snake plant, it’s possible. Just be gentle when you pull on the leaves to unwind them.