Austin Family Law Attorneys

The practice of family law legal defense services at is both emotionally and financially sensitive, requiring a firm that can handle high-stakes cases with finesse. Attorney Bill Powers’s facility with legal topics is complemented by his judgment and humor, making him a calming presence in emotional family law proceedings. He believes that settlement is the best way to resolve cases but will prepare to zealously represent his clients in court if necessary.

What do most criminal defense lawyers major in?

In Texas, divorces can be costly. The average cost of a divorce in the state can be $15,600 when filing fees, legal fees and other litigation related expenses are factored in. If the parties had substantial marital assets or if one of the spouses does not work, then the final divorce agreement could significantly impact their quality of life.

A skilled Austin family lawyer can help you obtain a fair and favorable resolution through negotiations. They will carefully review the facts and evidence of your case and use their knowledge of Texas family law to ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way.

Child custody matters can be complex, requiring an Austin family lawyer with experience handling same sex marriage and civil union issues. These professionals understand the unique issues that can arise for families of all kinds, and they will fight to protect a parent’s rights and the interests of their children. Their experience in the courtroom and their knowledge of current laws can make all the difference in your case.