Protection Against Phishing – How to Protect Your Employees From Phishing Attacks

protection against phishing

A phishing reviews of password managers  can come in the form of an email, text or instant message. Often, criminals pose as a well-known company or trusted brand to lure victims into providing sensitive information or clicking on a link. Then, attackers can steal the victim’s credentials, access their accounts and even make fraudulent purchases. It only takes one employee to fall for a phishing scam for an entire organization to be compromised.

In most cases, phishing attacks come with a sense of urgency to convince the victim to act fast. For example, the phisher may suggest that an account needs attention or requires login credentials to update billing information. This tactic is especially effective if the attackers use familiar branding from companies the target has done business with.

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Another common attack technique is to change part of a real website to mimic it. This trick, known as tabnabbing, can lead the target to a fake site where they’ll enter their credentials and the attackers will have the ability to access the victim’s other accounts or download malware on their device.

Educating employees is a key element in protection against phishing. This should include teaching them to always be skeptic and not click on a link or open an attachment without checking the source. This includes ensuring they’re only following, friending or messaging people they know on social media and messaging platforms. Scammers are known to canvass these platforms for unsuspecting victims, so it’s best to stick to the friends and family you actually know.