How to Harvest Cilantro

Harvesting cilantro  is one of the easiest herbs to grow, especially if you plant it in a sunny window or outdoor garden. However, it can quickly take over a bed or container and start to flower, so it’s important to harvest regularly. Regular trimming helps cilantro grow stronger and delay the appearance of flowers. It’s best to cut leaves and stems from the outside of the cilantro plants. This will help protect the inner cilantro from the sun and weather, and it’s easier to spot any potential pests.

Harvesting Cilantro: Tips for Fresh and Flavorful Leaves

It’s also best to harvest the cilantro early in the day, after the morning dew has dried but before the heat of the sun sets in. Harvesting in the morning also means that you are removing the oldest parts of the cilantro to make way for new growth, ensuring that your harvested cilantro is freshest. Cilantro is very easy to cut, so you can simply snip the leaves or stems with clean kitchen shears. To prevent the plant from drying out, you can store your cut cilantro in a glass of water and change it frequently.

It’s important to harvest the cilantro before it starts to bolt, as the flavor of the leaves diminishes after that point. You’ll know that your cilantro is starting to bolt when you notice that the leaf shapes are becoming more pointed and that the stems are getting woodier. You should also notice that the odor of the cilantro is starting to change, as it will become more pungent and overpowering.