Trusted Inheritance Dispute Lawyers

The death of a loved one is never easy, but when disputes over inheritances and estate administration arise Trusted Inheritance Dispute Lawyers  can be especially challenging. The family members involved may be highly emotional and the accusations can be very damaging. Our experienced estate litigation lawyers can provide the expertise needed to resolve these sensitive issues.

What is an inheritance dispute?

When property is transferred to a trust, there are usually very specific conditions attached as to how the trustees must distribute the assets. In some cases, these distribution requirements are not followed exactly as laid out by the trust creator and a legal dispute arises. For example, a trustee cannot simply buy up assets for their own benefit or invest trust assets in speculative investments that may be detrimental to the beneficiaries. These are all examples of a breach of fiduciary duty and a good estate and trust litigation attorney can review the possibility of compensation to the family for such violations.

In addition to trustee mismanagement, allegations of breach of fiduciary duties also frequently occur when the expectations of heirs and beneficiaries are not met by the distributions provided by trustees and estate administrators. In such situations, a court may order a trustee to file a formal accounting. This can help to ensure that the trustee is not using assets from the trust for their own personal gain and that they are following the terms of the trust. This type of action is often a necessary step to protect the rights and interests of the beneficiaries.