How Much Does it Cost to Promote a Video on TikTok?

how much does it cost to promote a video on tiktok

Despite TikTok’s meteoric rise in 2019 and 2020, the platform’s advertising landscape has been slow to catch up. Advertisers can promote videos on TikTok in the same way as other paid social media platforms, with a CPM or cost-per-click model that can be adapted to fit any budget.

How much does it cost to promote a video on tiktok is the ad creative? It needs to be humorous or emotionally engaging, and it also needs to be watched in its entirety if possible – the more viewers watch a video to the end, the better it will perform on the algorithm that determines which videos are shown first in users’ For You feeds. The ads themselves can be as simple as a smartphone-shot video or as complex as a full production.

Investing in TikTok: How Much Does It Cost to Promote a Video

One of the advantages of the platform is its thriving influencer marketing scene, where content creators can be hired for anywhere from $5-$2,000 per post. However, it is important to know the intricacies of the TikTok ad program before you start spending money with an influencer.

The platform’s standard in-feed ad format is easy to set up and use and offers a low minimum spend to help smaller e-commerce businesses experiment with the platform’s outcomes. As marketers gain confidence in the effectiveness of TikTok, they can gradually increase their investment based on performance data. Advertisers can also boost the visibility of organic videos with the TikTok Promote feature, which turns a public TikTok video into an ad that can reach a specific audience.