Learn Welsh

How to Learn Welsh

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Wales, but aren’t sure how to pronounce the language, there are a few simple steps you can take to improve your conversational skills. First, learn the sounds of the different words. For instance, “police” is pronounced two ways in Welsh. The first is a long, rounded ‘ll’, while the other is short and sharp.

Next, look up local Welsh news outlets and talk to people who speak the language. There are also volunteer monthly newsheets in Wales. Check out S4C, which has programmes in Welsh. Drama can be difficult to follow as the language is often written in an intricate way, but quiz programmes are much easier to understand. You can also search for groups in your area through Google.

If you want to learn Welsh faster, consider joining a Welsh-speaking course. Many people find it easier to learn by talking to other people who speak the language. Not only does this help you develop your pronunciation skills, but you’ll also benefit from the social support that comes from learning with others. You can also attend a residential course, which usually lasts from two to four weeks.

As an added bonus, learning Welsh is a great way to advance your career. It can help you in your current role as a teacher. About one quarter of schools in Wales teach through Welsh medium. All state-run schools offer this as an option. However, private schools are less likely to take it seriously, and parents have no legal right to insist on Welsh education for their children.