Pesach Programs

Pesach Programs

Explore Passover Vacations offer a unique opportunity to enjoy Pesach away from home without all the heavy preparation. They are organized by expert tour operators that take over all or part of hotels and resorts during the holiday, providing a full Pesach vacation experience. They include all accommodations, meals (including kosher for Passover), entertainment shows and kids programs. Some even include day camps. There are programs for all Kashrut levels and most have a mashgiach on site.

These programs are a great option for those who have to work over Chol Hamoed or don’t want to deal with the logistics of renting a home for Pesach. They also provide a safe and convenient way to experience the holidays with children who might be reluctant to stay at home alone. They can often be customized to accommodate food allergies – it is always best to contact the operator in advance and let them know what your needs are.

Exploring Pesach Programs: Finding the Ideal Experience for a Meaningful Passover Celebration

TotallyJewishTravel is happy to help you find the right Pesach Program for your family’s needs and budget. We can also assist you with reserving your flights and car rental.

Israel: The Holy Land is a stunning destination for Pesach programs that will allow you to connect with your Jewish roots and culture. Explore its historic sites, villages and pristine beaches. You’ll feel the energy of the place and its hospitable people, while enjoying some of the world’s finest cuisine. There are also plenty of activities to keep everyone busy, from beach relaxation and spa treatments to golf, tennis and water sports.