La Capa Pizza Shop in Shepparton

Founded by locals Corey and Angela, La Capa Pizza Shop in Shepparton serves the community with a range of homemade pizza, burgers, parmigianas, schnitzels, chips, wraps, milkshakes and sweet treats that prioritize flavour and fresh ingredients. The menu has a wide variety of Italian favourites that include the Pizza all’ aglio which includes garlic, herbs and perfectly melted cheese on top, as well as the Pescatore Pizza with quality Napoli sauce, mozzarella, ham, deliciously grilled seafood, salty anchovies, and roasted capsicum. Additionally, customers can enjoy a new addition to the takeaway menu; Mini Arancini and Chips featuring 4 beautifully handmade arancini balls (either Bolognese or spinach and feta filling) served on a bed of Napoli sauce with a generous helping of tasty chips.

La Capa
Phone: (03) 5829 1193
cash, credit card

713 Midland Hwy
Shepparton East, VIC 3631

Pesach Programs

Pesach Programs

Explore Passover Vacations offer a unique opportunity to enjoy Pesach away from home without all the heavy preparation. They are organized by expert tour operators that take over all or part of hotels and resorts during the holiday, providing a full Pesach vacation experience. They include all accommodations, meals (including kosher for Passover), entertainment shows and kids programs. Some even include day camps. There are programs for all Kashrut levels and most have a mashgiach on site.

These programs are a great option for those who have to work over Chol Hamoed or don’t want to deal with the logistics of renting a home for Pesach. They also provide a safe and convenient way to experience the holidays with children who might be reluctant to stay at home alone. They can often be customized to accommodate food allergies – it is always best to contact the operator in advance and let them know what your needs are.

Exploring Pesach Programs: Finding the Ideal Experience for a Meaningful Passover Celebration

TotallyJewishTravel is happy to help you find the right Pesach Program for your family’s needs and budget. We can also assist you with reserving your flights and car rental.

Israel: The Holy Land is a stunning destination for Pesach programs that will allow you to connect with your Jewish roots and culture. Explore its historic sites, villages and pristine beaches. You’ll feel the energy of the place and its hospitable people, while enjoying some of the world’s finest cuisine. There are also plenty of activities to keep everyone busy, from beach relaxation and spa treatments to golf, tennis and water sports.


Shrooms Delivery Canada

Purchasing magic mushrooms from a reputable shrooms delivery canada online service is an efficient and convenient way to get high-quality psychedelics without having to travel or rely on personal connections. Reputable shrooms delivery services offer a wide selection of quality products and deliver them safely and discreetly to your door. They also provide detailed product information and dosage guidelines, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience.

Psilocybin, which occurs naturally in magic shrooms delivery canada , is currently listed as a Schedule III drug under Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. It can only be legally obtained under a minister’s exemption, as part of a clinical trial or through a prescription from a physician to treat a specific mental health condition.

From Forest to Table: The Convenience of Shroom Delivery in Canada

A growing number of people have been using microdoses of psilocybin to enhance their lives. Popular among Silicon Valley tech startups and creatives, microdosing has been credited with increasing productivity and encouraging empathy. While this trend is gaining momentum, research into the potential therapeutic benefits of psilocybin remains in its early stages.

The Canadian government is currently evaluating the legalization of psilocybin for the treatment of various mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. However, despite the increasing support for legalizing mushrooms, they remain illegal in most Canadian provinces. However, there are many online mushroom shops that offer a safe and convenient way to purchase psychedelics.


Explore the Day Tours

Aerial Tours gems of culture, heritage, science and recreation on escorted day tours that take you off the beaten path. These unique outings include train journeys from Duluth, narrated boat cruises and themed excursions on lakes and rivers throughout the state, cave tours in Bluff Country and mine tours in Iron Range.

For those with limited time, a guided tour is the best way to see as much of a region as possible in a single day. In addition to a comprehensive itinerary, your tour guide will have extensive local knowledge that is invaluable for those seeking out the best hidden gems. Plus, you don’t have to worry about planning every detail of your trip — the tour company handles all of that for you!

Adventure Beckons: Your Comprehensive Guide to Day Tours in [Your Destination

Often, the experience of taking a tour is as much about the people you meet along the way as it is the destinations themselves. A good tour guide will make the trip an authentic and memorable experience for you and your travel companions. Whether it’s a fascinating conversation with your guide, or a chance to enjoy a traditional meal in the home of a local family, you will return from your adventure with lifelong friendships.

On group trips, your Tour Leader will provide regular briefings to talk about what is happening on the trip and the schedule, as well as to remind you of timings for excursions, sightseeing and other activities. This ensures that everyone stays informed and ready to explore.


Hunting Packages in South Africa

Hunting Packages in South Africa

About Hunting Packages in South Africa

Whether it’s the thrill of the chase or the challenge of the stalk, an African hunting safari creates treasured memories that last a lifetime. With an abundance of species, beautiful landscapes, century-old hunting traditions and the thrill of danger, Africa is one of the best places in the world to experience the ultimate trophy hunt.

Hunting Packages in South Africa awe-inspiring sight of herds of antelope moving across the landscape is a sight to behold and an opportunity not to be missed. The beauty and majesty of a herd grazing on the grass as the sun paints the sky in hues of gold will be a memory to treasure. This is what makes Africa so special, and is one of the reasons that it remains a popular destination for hunters from all over the world.

Understanding the Costs of Hunting in South Africa: A Comprehensive Price Guide

In order to offer an exceptional plains game hunting experience that is affordable to the first timer, Crusader Safaris has designed a South African hunting safari package to be used by hunters looking for an authentic African hunting adventure at a budget-friendly price. This package will be hosted on our large free range conservancies located in western Limpopo province.

Our hunting concessions are wild and undeveloped with healthy populations of plains game. They consist of a combination of mountains, flat thick bush and lush open savanna areas. This is where you will find the kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros), blue wildebeest, blesbok and warthog, four of Africa’s premier species of plains game that are known to thrive on our property.